• New Continuing Education Requirements for Certified and Registered Contractors

    Laws and Rules

    House Bill 7163 (2007 Legislative Session) revised the continuing education requirements for certified and registered contractors licensed by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. All certified and registered contractors must now complete one hour of laws and rules-related continuing education as part of the 14 hours that is currently required during each licensure cycle.

    Wind Mitigation Methodologies

    Senate Bill 1864 further revised the continuing education requirements for certain contractors licensed by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board. Based on this statutory change, the Board filed a notice of proposed rule development which would affect Rule 61G4-18.001, Florida Administrative Code. The proposed rule language is currently set for adoption and will become effective on November 15, 2007.

    The new rule requires all general, building, residential, roofing, specialty structure and glass and glazing contractors to complete one hour of continuing education related to wind mitigation methodologies as part of the 14 hours that is currently required. Wind mitigation methodology courses are defined as those topics listed in Section 553.844(2)(b)1.-5., Florida Statutes.

    Enforcement of these new one hour requirements will begin with the expiration of certified licenses on August 31, 2008, and the expiration of registered licenses on August 31, 2009. Those licensees not in compliance with all continuing education requirements by the expiration date of their licenses may face non-renewal or disciplinary action.

  • ECLB Continuing Education Requirements

    14 hours of board approved continuing education is required each biennium prior to the renewal period for both certified and registered contractors; at least 7 hours of which are on technical subjects; 1 hour on workers’ compensation; 1 hour on workplace safety; 1 hour on business practices and 1 hour of advanced course. Multiple license holders are required to complete the continuing education requirements only once each biennium. Contractors who are engaged in alarm system contracting must take a 2 hour false alarm prevention course as a part of their continuing education.

  • Architecture Continuing Education Requirements

    Both architects and interior designers are required to complete 20 hours of educational instruction or training, in subjects or courses approved by the Board, each biennium prior to the license expiration date. A minimum of 16 hours must be in technical and professional subjects related to safeguarding life, health, property and promoting the public welfare.

  • Landscape Architecture Continuing Education Requirements

    Licensed landscape architects are required to take 16 hours of continuing education during each biennium.

    Core Course Requirement

    All landscape architects must complete a 4-hour core course on the building code within 2 years of initial licensure. The Board considers the building code course part of the 16 continuing education hours required per biennium. More information may be accessed by contacting the Department of Community Affairs. Core courses are available online at the Building Code Information System website.

    Advanced Course Requirement

    Licensees are required to obtain a minimum of 2 hours of continuing education by completing an approved provider’s specialized or advanced course, approved by the Florida Building Commission, on the Florida Building Code, relating to the licensee’s respective area of practice for future renewals. The core course is a pre-requisite to the advanced course. Please note that the core course is different from any advanced courses that may be offered. One cannot be used in lieu of the other. Licensees are advised to verify the course validity before attending the course.