Instructor Bios | Tom Dalton

Instructor Bios | Tom Dalton

2001–Present Building Department Altamonte Springs, FL

  • Building Inspector and Building Plans Examiner
  • Mechanical Inspector and Mechanical Plans Examiner
  • Fire Inspector

1995–2001 Emerald Consulting and Ace Insurance Repair Orlando, FL

  • Purchased Ace Insurance repair from the original owner
  • Started a home inspection company (Emerald consulting)

1990–1995 Ace Insurance Repair Orlando, FL

  • Supervised flood and fire renovation for residential and commercial properties.
  • Termite repair manager working with Terminex, Orkin and Massey services.

Certifications/ Education

  • 1995 State of Florida Building Contractor CBC057247
  • 1996 HVAC certificate from Seminole Community College.
  • 2000(American Society of Home (ASHI) Inspectors License
  • 2001 State of Florida Building Inspector Certificate
  • 2002 State of Florida Building Plans Examiner Certificate
  • 2003 State of Florida Mechanical Inspector Certificate
  • 2004 State of Florida Fire Inspector Certificate
  • 2006 State of Florida Mechanical Plans Review Certificate
  • 2007 Electrical Inspector Certificate