Instructor Bios | Tom Duffy

Tom DuffyInstructor Bios | Tom Duffy

Courses taught:

Tom Duffy is a native of Kentucky and a graduate of the University Of Louisville School Of Business.  The son of an entrepreneur, Tom fell in love with the business world at a young age.  At the age of 18, he was hired at UPS to unload and load airplanes at the Louisville air sort.  He was promoted within a year and throughout his 22 year career at UPS, Tom held multiple management positions in operations, Industrial Engineering and Finance.  Tom worked on many projects and expansions both domestically and internationally.

Tom’s accomplishments at UPS include:

  • New Product Development and Rollout
  • International Territory Expansion to 185 countries
  • Corporate Marketing Planning and Product Development
  • Key player in design and implementation of $1 Billion Louisville’s Worldport automated sortation facility
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Team:  $260 million UPS purchase of Menlo Worldwide Forwarding

In 2006, Tom founded Vision Management and Consulting; a Louisville based consulting agency.  With a specialty in logistics and a license in commercial real estate, Tom performed site selection and developed warehousing solutions.  Most notable project was the 2006 warehouse management systems analysis sponsored by EA sports for their Louisville distribution center.

Since retiring from UPS, Tom participated in multiple real estate and logistics endeavors.  In 2007 he became co-owner of Mercury Logistics and transformed what was previously a trucking company into a complete logistics provider.  According to Tom, “I learned more as a small business owner in four years than the 22 years at UPS.”

In 2011, after the sale of Mercury Logistics, Tom returned to consulting.  For almost 3 years, he worked for one of the largest consulting agencies in North America.  He established himself as a “Business-Rescue” expert.  Tom has traveled from Texas to Manitoba helping business owners transform their bottom line from red to black.  He combines basic business principles with effective sales strategies to lower cost and increase sales for an immediate impact.  With a passion for sales and marketing, Tom trains small business owners in the use of old fashion sales techniques and the new web based social networking tools.  Finally, after transforming a company and establishing a viable business plan, Tom then works with the owners to acquire financing which will reduce their expense and/or grow their business.